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I must say, with my online dating experience, you start paying attention to stuff. Nothing but great things to say about what I was dealing with here. Friendly and efficient these people took me on a fantastic tour I truly enjoyed. I literally never felt alone!

Josh M., Minnesota, May 2014

New is a site I can recommend to just about anyone. I could not believe the choice was so big. Ukraine turned out to be a real paradise for a guy like me. Super pretty girls, top notch service, translation, how the tour was managed, everything. I’m not even sure I should be writing this, I just may leave this internet dating gem all for myself, haha.

Louie, Pittsburgh, PA

Some people may be skeptical about online dating sites and whether they can actually help you find single women you would want to date and even get married to later if things work out. But the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. There are thousands, even hundreds of thousands men out there who have decided to try mail order brides sites like New or others – and completely loved the whole experience. Honestly, what’s not to love?

In today’s world, it’s really rare that you find such a combination of hot, smart, and willing to start a family. Russian brides and women from countries like Ukraine are amazing companions for men who value natural beauty and great personality. Whether you are browsing the personals looking for a mind-blowing affair and an adrenaline-fueled romance, or use internet dating to find your soulmate, Russian brides are just perfect. Sites like this provide a safe, secure, intimate and tailored experience helping many men from all over the world connect with a Russian or Ukrainian girl who’s right just for them. Online dating sometimes gets a bad rep due to all sorts of hidden charges, scammy personals, upsells and disappointing things like that.

Not at New, and we mean never. First things first. Your privacy and peace of mind are protected in the most meticulous way possible. From choosing a girl of your dream all the way to a guided tour with a translator to your new bride’s hometown, everything is easy, smooth, and completely hassle-free. The you get what you see policy guarantees there will never be a hidden catch anywhere. All of these fine ladies, and boy are there a lot of them, are here to meet you. Isn’t it time you found out why men of the entire world are so smitten with these captivating, mysterious, kind and elegant creatures?

Valentina from Kherson, Ukraine

Valentina, 24 y.o.


Juliya from Sevastopol, Ukraine

Juliya, 26 y.o.


Ekaterina from Kharkov, Ukraine

Ekaterina, 23 y.o.


Anna from Izmail, Ukraine

Anna, 27 y.o.


Svetlana from Odessa, Ukraine

Svetlana, 23 y.o.


Veronica from Odessa, Ukraine

Veronica, 23 y.o.


Elena from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Elena, 24 y.o.


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